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Newton History

The Original -

This is a picture of the first bracket made by Robert Newton.  It was made with aluminum purchased from a hardware store.  With a hacksaw and hand drill the pieces were formed and placed together to allow the camera platform to rotate from horizontal to vertical.

The First Sellable Bracket -

With a radial arm saw from Sears, a used stand up drill press this bracket was produced.  Note the pistol grip handle.  I thought this was the cats meow but a friend tried it and said it does not feel right so I went to a conventional wood handle.  Also note the size of this unit.  It did not take me long to realize that this was not the design that I wanted to stay with.

The First Small Design -

This is a picture of the original design that became the first VHR-1 Flip It bracket.  From this design also came the first square format bracket the NRB-1. Many changes have been made on this design but the basic concept has stayed usable until the current digital era.

The First Flash Rotator - RFB Model -

During the early 1980's Bronica came out with the speed grip for the new ETR 645 camera and Nikon had the battery grips for their 35mm cameras and this gave the idea of a flash rotator type bracket that could be used on these cameras that already had a handle.  The RFB is the forerunner of several model changes including the new Di100FRs and folding Di100FR2.

Distributors Add -

In the 1990's I was fortunate to be represented by GMI Photographic.  Unfortunately they were purchased by a company that did not know what to do with my products so I pulled out.  With one dealer of note, the internet, internet forums - customers telling customers - and digital I have been able to survive, grow and have the Newton name recognized world wide.