2-10102 - Dedicated Cord Holder

The 2-10102 is a required accessory for the Di100FR2 and NEW FR3 Flash Rotator Brackets.

It holds the module that holds the flash on the dedicated cord designed for the camera you are using.

The images below left show how the module fastens to the platform and is pushed up against the lip on the platform and tightened so that the flash and module will not twist.

The 2-10102 can then be fastened to the top of the FR2 or FR3 brackets facing forward or fastened to the 5-102 EZ accessory release unit which would be attached to the top of the FR2 or FR3.

The images shown are with a Canon dedicated cord but the mounting would be the same for a Nikon or other dedicated cords with a flash module that has a 1/4-20 socket in the bottom.

One note on Nikon. If you have the SC29 cord you will need to turn off the infrared sensor on the top of the camera so that the flash can send out the infrared signal. Otherwise the infrared signal will hit the back of your flash.