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FR10XL Flash Rotator 

The FR10XL is designed for digital camera SLR body types with or without external motors or vertical grips. 


Milled Aluminum Construction
  New Camera Frame With Stand.
1/8" Hex Key Holder In Camera Plate.
When Rotated to Vertical Flash Remains Upright
Patented Rotation System
Size: 4-1/2x4-1/2x5
Weight: 10.5 oz.
includes 2-108 Lockable Accessory Shoe.
Rotator Is Easily Removed For Storage.
Includes 4-101 Vertical Platform.
1/4-20 Tripod Socket in Camera Plate.
Includes Hex Keys and Camera Plate Screw.
Milled Internal Arms Allow Secure Rotation.
New Silver Pebble Finish.

The FR10XL Flash Rotator Bracket is designed for photographers that use hand held flash but also use a tripod with quick release plates. The new camera frame w/stand  is designed to mount and stay on the bottom of your camera body. With the addition of the 4-101 vertical platform quick release plates can be added to the bottom of the base and to the 4-101 vertical platform allowing easy horizontal to vertical rotation on your tripod. This can be done with or without the flash rotator which can be removed easily if not needed. The base has a built in stand that keeps the camera in a stable position when sitting on a solid surface. The FR10XL is the first to offer this configuration and is the result of Newton's commitment to meeting the needs of our customers.

The rotator on the FR10XL is the same proven rotator used on the popular FR2i which has been replaced with the NEW FR10.

The Reason You Need A Flash Bracket

Picture No. 1 shows the flash on top of the camera or bracket. Picture No. 2 shows the camera turned to vertical with flash still on top of the camera showing the large shadow on the opposite side of the flash. Picture No. 3 shows the flash on the FR3 bracket in the vertical position. Note the shadow is the same as Picture 1.