NOTE:  This package requires a dedicated cord that has a flash module with a lockable foot. We recommend the Vello 1.5 cord. Vello is sold by B&H Photo. Order by camera make - Vello Canon 1.5 etc. Price is only $14.95 but they work like the mfg. cord but shorter.


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AFi10 Angled Flash Invertor 


The AFI Angled Flash Invertor is designed for digital camera DSLR body types with or without external motors or vertical grips. 


Milled  Aluminum Construction
Single Pivot Point Allows EZ Angled H & V.
1/8" Hex Key Holder In Camera Plate.
AFI Unit Easily Removable From Base.
Size: 4-1/2x4-1/2x5
Weight: 7.5 oz.
Includes Lockable 2-120 Accessory Shoe.
Includes Adjustable Stand.
1/4-20 Tripod Socket in Camera Plate.
Includes Hex Keys and Camera Plate Screw.              New Silver Pebble Finish.

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AFi10 Price  $189.95

Over Thirty Years Ago Newton Designed The First Flash Rotator Bracket. Ten Years Ago Newton Designed The First Folding Flash Rotator Bracket. Now Newton Has Developed The First Angled Flash Invertor. Using A Single Pivot Point To Angle The Flash Over The Lens In Both Horizontal And Vertical Positions.

The AFI Angled Flash Invertor is the ideal bracket for the event photographer. The base unit will accept your quick release plates for use on a tripod.  Newton has designed this bracket to be used on the camera as you would use the camera if the bracket were not attached.  When hand holding your right hand is always on the camera grip and your left hand should be under the lens for support.  Doing this will allow the fingers on the left hand to zoom or focus the lens and relieve stress on your right hand and wrist.  When carrying the bracket and flash always use the camera grip and not the bracket. The AFi unit can be easily removed from the base leaving the base and stand on camera.

The Reason You Need A Flash Bracket

Picture No. 1 shows the flash on top of the camera or bracket. Picture No. 2 shows the camera turned to vertical with flash still on top of the camera showing the large shadow on the opposite side of the flash. Picture No. 3 shows the flash on the AFI Invertor in the vertical position. Note the shadow is the same as Picture 1.