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Hello, my name is Robert Newton. I am the owner of Newton Camera Brackets. I am also the designer, engineer, manufacturer, and shipper. When you purchase a Newton bracket or accessory, you are purchasing a product made just for you. I say this not to brag, but to let you know that I am not just a name that sits in a big office somewhere. I know everything there is to know about my brackets and about camera brackets in general. If you have a question or need help in any way concerning my product, you can contact me direct. If you get my answering machine, you will hear that all the sales representatives are busy. Don't worry, I am just out to lunch, so leave your message and I will get back to you as soon as I return. Yes, Newton Camera Brackets is a small company. But you will not find a better product or service to back it up anywhere. I am in business because I can give you a better product that will make your job easier and better, and I believe in taking time to take care of the customer.

The Story:
In 1974, Robert Newton opened his photography studio. Using a RB67 and Kowa 6, he photographed children, animals, and weddings. In the late 1970s, he purchased a Bronica ETR to replace his RB67, not realizing, until it was too late, that he would need to turn the 645 format from horizontal to vertical. Thus began the search for a bracket that would allow this to be done. Not finding anything that would work, he began thinking about different ways of accomplishing horizontal to vertical rotation. One day while drawing on a scratch pad, he drew an angle and realized that if he pivoted the angle on both sides in exactly the right place, it would rotate. From this piece of paper began the odyssey of Robert Newton and Newton Camera Brackets. So ideal was this design concept, that it became the standard from which Newton has been able to manufacture a low profile camera rotating bracket. The first bracket from Newton was the VHR-1 Camera Rotator. Then came the NRB-1 square format and the RFB Flash Rotator. The flash rotator was the first of its kind that rotated the flash unit around the axis of the lens. This model was made for the ETR with Speed Grip and the Nikon FA/FM and F3 with Motors. Then came Minolta with their first auto focus camera. From then to now, the RFB Flash Rotator design has gone from the N7200 to the new digital Di100FR to the current foldable Di100FR2 and non folding Di100FRs. These new small light weight designs have put Newton at the forefront of being the bracket choice of professional photographers worldwide.

Over the years, Newton has perfected the design. With the  7000 series brackets Newton brought this experience to the market with a lighter, smaller, and stronger design.  Newton brackets are made of 6061T Aluminum, milled not bent, with a rotating system that is as simple to use as twisting your wrist. When Kodak came out with the DCS digital cameras, Newton was again the first with a line of camera rotating brackets for the DCS series. Newton is heading into the new digital world of photography with the Di-Digital  FR and CR series of flash rotating, camera rotating and tripod rotating brackets.  As the future unfolds, Newton will be ready with designs that will make your photographs easier and better.

To see pictures of the first bracket made by Newton click on the History button on the info bar.