5-102 EZ Accessory Release Unit

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The 5-102 EZ Accessory Release Unit is designed to fasten to the top of the FR2 or FR3 Flash Rotator Bracket and allow the accessory platforms to be attached and removed easily with the encapsulated knurled knob in the 5-102.

The 5-102 is attached to the top of either bracket by removing the flathead screw from the top of the unit as shown in the image below left and removing the top section holding the knurled knob.

The lower section is placed on top of the bracket and with the flathead 10-32 screw that comes with the bracket fastened as shown.

Once this is done the top section with the knurled knob is replaced on top of the lower section and fastened with the flathead screw that was removed earlier.

5-102 Price $24.95

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